Friday, April 15, 2011

Hyi Helsinki - Shame on Helsinki!!!

The city of Helsinki has said that they wish to spice up the city. They have encouraged a young entrepreneur when he was planning and preparing a cafe on wheels to be set up in Helsinki. Also the health authorities have supported and given clear green light for the effort.

The young man has purchased a great van from Belgium - a country of mobile waffle and ice cream bars - and invested 30.000 Euros for it.

Then comes the real thing and Helsinki should give selling locations to the mobile care.

I guess you already guess where this is leading into...?
Picture borrowed from here

Yes, unfortunately the bureaucrats in the city of Helsinki peed in their pants and gave nothing, nada, empty ticket, zero locations for the car!

I find it difficult to believe this, but it seems we are running the capital city, showroom of Finland based on ancient rules and habits based on Soviet style. If something is not separately allowed, it must be forbidden...

I truly hope there will be a positive solution to this!!!

Story in Finnish in local biz paper - tarinan tausta suomeksi Kauppalehdessä.

PS Not that surprisingly HIFK is leading 2-0 in the wins of the Finnish ice hockey final series. Let's see if the Blues is able to pull out one more magic card...

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Tšupukka said...

No eipä mikään olekkaan vielä saanut meikää tänään suuttumaan mutta nyt repes kotiverkkarit. Romaanit saa kyllä parkkeerata minne lystää :(