Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hyvä Honka!!!

My football club Honka won yesterday the winter cup - Liiga Cup - for the second year in a row by kicking TamU ass 3-0, congratulations!
Hyvä Honka!!!
 And the good sports culture brings the team to thank the fans
One sad thing in today's game was that it could have been the very last game of the other team, TamU - Tampere United. They are in the middle of a process to keep the licence to play after being financed by Asian party who wanted to get into the league with an assumed (yep, again the assume thing...) motive to fix the game results and play with dirty money.

Hence the TamU fans were objecting potential plans of merge with another Tampere team, the Ilves.
This might be a bit surprising to some English football fans, but the pictures above and below are taken from the "game bar" that is only few meters from the pitch. And it also means the fans of both teams were sharing the bar without any trouble. You know, we have fans but very seldom the negative, aggressive behaviour that appears in violence.

I guess that's why those guys are called hooligans and not fans...

Great view to the game - in case you won't finish your beer during the break - and the most surprising was the beer price. For Finland scale a 0,5 liter beer costing 3 Euros is a bargain. Naturally you won't get it in a glass but in typical Finnish disposable plastic pint. Unless you wish to drink it from the can.
Not a bad place to spend a sunny Easter day. Tickets for the final 7 Euros to the end and 20 Euros to the sides. The normal league games were last season 5 and 15 Euros so it should not be about the ticket price to go there.

Team Honka also seems to have a good group together, a couple new interesting faces, fast strikers with African background - and of course Finnish ones too - and a goalie that I expect to leave Finland soon. Tomi Maanoja has got the capacity to become another Jussi Jääskeläinen or Antti Niemi. The ones who have followed English Premier League should recognize the names.

Get your buts off your sofa and get into the games!

PS The snow at the backyard on the first picture of previous blog had melted by 6 pm. It is not directly in the sun but still +33C in the sun and +17C in the shadow made the trick...

PPS The Google headache is still on, one small step forward but so far no sign of a positive outcome.

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