Monday, April 25, 2011

Now the summer IS here - for now // Tervetuloa kesä!

Only few days ago I showed pics with some snow at the backyard and told that it had melted the same day. The same progress had happened at the sea side as yesterday I went cycling with my son and after 21 kilometers we awarded ourselves with a terrace pitstop. This was the view then.
All the ice was gone. As we cycled the coast line we noticed still some ice between some of the islands.

Some of the bushes at the backyard were showing signs of waking up. This is blackberry.
Apple trees were still fully asleep but this giant bumble-bee had found its way inside and was trying to get back out through the roof window.
And as it was guys only -Easter, we were allowed to have guy food. Please note that we have carrot and cucumber on the table - and of course Finnish meaty sausages and German bratwurst.

And now I am writing this again at the backyard with shorts only as it is truly warm. Warmer than normally at this time of the year but still a friend of mine just flew up to Lapland for a ski trip. I am jealous so good for him!!!

Kesä on täällä ainakin hetken, nautitaan!!!

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