Saturday, April 9, 2011

So much to talk about - so little time + Horror Story Part 13

Mr Google

Firstly, Mr Google is about to drive my trust in fairness and customer service into a trash can. Which surprisingly I do not tolerate easily as I believe in clear, fair, open and win-win-win approach in business.

Who's the third winner then?
It is in many case the final customer in buyer-seller relationship...

This case is far from ending, let's see what the next steps and particularly the final one will be. So far I am truly and honestly losing my night sleep, PERKELE!!!

The Blues


Despite of all odds, my team Blues is in the finals in Finnish Hockey League! Yes they finished as 9th in the league and came across in semi-finals against the JYP who dominated the season. Still, the beauty of sports showed it's magic and the willpower, team effort and hard work paid off against the enemy who was clearly more skilled.

Yes, the Blues made it to the finals!!!
No, it will not be a walk in the park to fight in the 2nd finals in the history of the club, but having seen what the guys can do against the teams they have played so far, I am comfortable to see what comes across!

Well, I was going to see some of the games in the arena and was online at 12 noon today when the tickets selling was opened, but the online connection was not on our side as when we got the connection at 15 past 12, all 4 scheduled were sold out...

Believe it or not, but I was booking 9 tickets for 3 moms + 6 kids, and none of the moms are at all interested in ice hocey!!! Shitty thing is that me, who is the interested one, is busy with work related dinner Yes, I've been thinking about alternative place that shows the damn tv-channel broadcasting the game...

And apparently one of the ladies was smart enough to fix the channel on TV in order to have the ladies - and I guess the kids too - for a fun sports studio!

Go Ladies - Hyvä Espoo!!!

Horror Story Part 13

As I said earlier, the horror marriage couple was taking off to the honey moon separately. "Lady" into a fab location, no idea what would happen with the groom.

Today's the main newspaper that is claimed to be respectful, quotes both the lady and the groom more or less like this;

"Mrs treats me coldly. I guess it is because also she has got feelings towards me.!

Bride, in several occations:

"Arto (groom), why did you ruin everything?"

"You would have loved this place. We could have made love in several romantic locations!"

"There are many lonely, rich men who need beautiful company to a theathe or a VIP-pary!"

It seems we have a surprising, planned turn in the game;
The sponsoring magazine brought the groom together with the bride - against anyone's will - and who knows what the next step in this comedy will be...

You think this is the end of it???

F-word, no! The sponsoring magazine is too smart or sick, to let it go, so how about a show like this...? That can not be leading into positive things - or is it a start of a new true love...???

Again, I must apologize on behalf of my country fellow citizens...

PS I guess only few of you are aware of a fantastic story telling blog by a dear Tsupukka - go for it!!!

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