Saturday, March 12, 2011

More of Helsinki Tourism

I was rightfully asked for a link for Helsinki or Finland tourist info pages;

Summer Helsinki from the sea
Midnight sun
Midnight sun in summer Lapland
Ice fishing 10 km from Helsinki city centre
Logistics provider Santa Transport on the road
Rudoph on summer holiday
Country of 1000's of islands - Finland
If you have a chance, make an escape for one of the lakeside saunas!!!
PS Don't forget the sauna trip you should do. And no, we Finns do not share the liberal sauna dressing code as the Germans. That normally means separate saunas for men and women or as an option swimsuits / towels. Unless you are with your family or good friends...
PSS Don't forget to cool down your feet after the sauna
A reminder of older Finnish winter thoughts with pics in an old post over here...

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