Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Next movie in plans

Before the King's Speech -movie I wrote about, it had been perhaps a year from the previous time.

Can't say - perhaps too much other things to do. Or what ever excuse you wanna hear...

We have now and then had movie night at home, but even if we do it properly and have a good movie to watch, you just can't make it even close to the real thing. There are always some interruptions, someone getting more drinks, sweets or going to the toilet. And the focus is not there enough. ...not to talk about the screen size, quality of the picture and the sounds.

The downside in the movies is that I seldom get a seat with a proper leg space (I am still close to 2 meters tall) but there seems to be also a way to guarantee the space;
I can book the seats myself in advance online and - based on this single experience - it showed properly the back row seats that were on top of the stairs.

So, gotta plan a proper movie to book a good seat - or make sure the event at home is arranged so that we have had a loo break and reserved a cooler next to us. No beer though to avoid another visit to the loo.

Let's see when is the next movie time, the King's Speech got 4 Oscars and also other movies we awarded so well that perhaps they are worth seeing.

But now I will have - instead of a moment of culture of mind - a set of culture of body.
Gym time!

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MIKA said...

Eläköön, 1000:s kävijä Suomesta!