Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Still in winter + Horror Story Part 10

It is still winter and the horror couple is on their way towards exit strategy...

A week ago we had quite a lot snow in Finland: Helsinki 74 cm, Iisalmi 78 cm and Tornio up North 57 cm. I was expecting it all to melt away but in the past 2 days we have had again 5cm fresh stuff. Surely the old snow has melted during the days but as the nights have been way below 0C, it is not melting fast...

Still, it has been warm enough to play football outdoors. In Kauniainen there is a ski hill right next to the football pitch. And of course it was snowing when the game started.
Also a week ago the day and night on 21 March the day and night were equally long all over the globe. That means the sun moved from southern part of the Earth to the northern part. Hence up here North we are starting the spring and down in south the fall is coming.

For the fellow countrywo-/men living abroad, I recommend http://www.expatrium.fi/ that keeps you on track. Also some of today's info is from their newsletter.

Hyvää myöhäistä kevätpäiväntasausta!

Ja sama suomeksi; 21.3.11 yö ja päivä olivat kaikkialla maapallolla kumpikin lähes samanmittaisia. Tasaus tarkoittaa sitä että aurinko siirtyy eteläiseltä taivaanpallonpuoliskolta pohjoiselle. Kun pohjoisessa aloitellaan kevättä, siirrytään etelässä syksyyn.
Junioreiden verkkolehti Jippo kirjoittaa aiheesta.

A bit of a horror story to finish off for tonight;

The very crazy newly wedded couple has had a bit of a domestic violence. Sick.

As some have been predicting, the beauty princess admits in her dance group blog that without a contract related to the wedding she would have called it off. Yep, the same lady who had claimed earlier that she takes care of it all herself.

Perhaps this real pic from the sea ice - a heart shape track from peeing - is in relation to their wanna-have-love.

Well, perhaps I was foolish to believe in the potential love in this marriage by estimating it to end only before next winter. It seems it is completely over and done with before the snow is gone for this winter. And the fresh 5cm is not the reason for it - we have plenty even without.

Here are few images from this winter. One or two you might have seen - sorry if that happens. Too busy to dig back and check...

Here is my precious toboggan and my main man K who I went sleighing with. K is with a pulkka.
N watching towards Tallinn not that far away
Finally a view from Hietaniemi cemetery - quite a nice place to have a rest for the rest of your time. After the trip on the ground.

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