Sunday, March 20, 2011

An attitude model for some laim sportsmen/women?

Have you heard about an 18 years old swimmer Tanja Kylliäinen who has got double citizenship, Finland and USA? Neither had I before I spotted the article in Helsingin Sanomat some time ago.

No wonder, she is young and has lived all her life at east coast Baltimore, US. Despite of that, she has already made some Finnish records so the swimming future is looking good for her.

She speaks poorly Finnish but perhaps that is only positive as she has adopted the American attitude. When she was asked about how will she go to the World Championships at Shanghai next summer, she didn't give the laim Finnish reply "I will go there to do my best and let's see where it will take me" but instead states "I am going to perform well when I represent Finland"!

That's the attitude, go girl!!!

Today's points for an attitude goes to Kaisa Mäkäräinen - or Maekaeraeinen as the no-dots-people would write;
She won the Biathlon World Cup, you know the one where they ski and shoot. Apparently Kaisa is the best shooter as she had hit all the skiers in front of her and was able to make it to the finish line first...

The attitude points come from her open statement wanting to party tonight! There is nothing bad in celebrating success, so go for it!!!

PS Blues won yesterday and are leading 2-0 in games at best-of-seven series!

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