Saturday, March 5, 2011

Can't believe this: A Swede is building up a Hero -character!

Daniel, my main man...!

A man who came from the bushes, was suspected to be a wanna-be, but apparently in one speech turned so many heads around and won the trust of the Swedish people. For the ones who are ignorent, I'm talking about the Prince Daniel from Sweden, husband of the Crown Princess.

At the moment we, the snow countries, have a World Championship battle for the winter sports in Oslo, Norway. Over there the Crown Prince of Norway and his - also from the bushes - wife hosted the future Queen couple of Sweden in the games.

Well, perhaps the love & hate battle that also the Norwegians have against the Swedes, just like we Finns, went too far and Prince D showed his balls to the neighbourg Princess M. Prince D on the right with his finger...
Many thanks to Swedish press for the pic.

Go D, you have a chance to come to a fraction level of the manhood status that your fellow countryman Lucas has got in my eyes. As both of you have been running a gym and come from a "common" family I will give you a chance to be in the Top 50 of my Swedish Heroes -list.

Still, as I said you have a loooong way to reach Lucas!!!

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