Friday, September 24, 2010

It's Sushi Time!

Imagine coming home on Friday evening after a 2-day intensive business trip and finding yourself in the middle of a sushi factory!
Perhaps the outcome is not as polished as in the sushi bars, but I can tell you it works for our family! One can always improve the cooking and learn more, but I was veeeery happy to enjoy this dinner - even without sake (the Japanese version of vodka) that we still have left from one particular sushi night in Brussels.

L&D, yep - that is with you guys!

Also skipping the sake leaves potential dry mouth feeling away from tomorrow morning ;o)
Kampai - I liiiike!!!

PS Home team Blues (ice hockey) is playing tomorrow against a team that for some weard reason my son supports. I've got something else scheduled with Mrs, but both kids are going there with their friends. GO BLUES!!!

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