Sunday, September 19, 2010

Again some Spanish food

I wrote earlier about the Spanish food that I very much love. At the Costa del Sol are so many nationalities represented that surely you can get also other food than Spanish.

If you wish to have British breakfast, you can get it with a reasonable price. Also other options from the British gourmet kitchen are available - and since the competition for the customers is tough, ofter the customer gets the benefit. Or what do you say about the offer below?
For the lovers of German sausages, you also have good options available.
There is also fairly big Finnish community, hence the delicious Finnish cinnemon rolls are made there in Thelman Pullapuoti.
I myself find no reason for going there on vacations. Except when I was living outside Finland. When you are living abroad for a longer period - months or years - you kind of miss certain things from your home country and what could be better than to get some delicious familiar food. That's why we visited the Brussels Seamen's Mission - Brysselin Merimieskirkko now and then. There we we also able to use the library so even more reasons for a visit. We didn't go there for any religious purpose, but to get a taste of our home country.

My main food focus at Spain trips is Spanish food in many forms, one more delicious than the other. And again, normally the price is not the issue unless you go for the fancy places in touristic areas...
One of my many favorites - the sardines - are prepared on the fire for me.

The dish doesn't look that fancy but I can tell you it is goooood!!!
Mix it with Tortilla Española and rinse it down with a glass of ice cold beer in one of the chiringuitos, the beach restaurants.
After that you can go back to the beach and dig yourself a hole for the siesta.
 I still have some cheese and chorizo left, I guess tonight could be a good time for them!
Hyvää ruokahalua!!!

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