Friday, September 17, 2010

Go Blues - Hyvä Siniset!!!

My home town ice hockey team starts their season tonight. I'm not that big fan but since I have many friends who support the other capital area teams - HIFK and Jokerit - I think it is fair to show my colors. I've always been a home town team supporter in all 3 main sports, ice hockey, football (soccer) and basketball.

I don't find any other option, particularly since two of these are the clubs I have represented, FC Honka for football and Honka also for basketball. Ice hockey I have never played - other than with shoes at school lunch breaks - and it was actually during the Brussels years when I learnt ice skating!

I guess I dare to say I am proud that Honka is the only club I have represented in Finland! In Brussels I was with a local b-ball team's practice but unfortunately hurt my foot and had to give up that plan (however it was fun while it lasted, thanks Mark!).

I was also coaching both football and basketball with Brussels Sports Association, a club targeted maily for expats. As a memory I have their jersey with a BIG logo of a competitor's company.

Back to tonight's game;
I hope Blues can step up against the likely outcome and kick some HIFK but ;o)

Hyvä Siniset!!!

PS Yes, I am realistic and know that Blues winning the cup is more or less as distant as Finland making it to the EuroCup or WorldCup in football... Particularly after how they started the qualification this time.

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Anonymous said...

Perkele, they lost 0-2 :o(