Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How Belgish is this?

A right to go on a stike has been considered to be part of worker's rights. This is the case at least in most of the western countries. Some have learnt to use it better than others - or what do you think of the art of striking by the French?

In my mind a strike is never a best solution, since in most cases there are no winners. It is often so that the financial loss to the worker during the strike is bigger than the achieved benefit in for example 2-3 years. Also the rules set for strikes should be honored in order not to chop your own leg. By harming the business of the company you work for, you set your job at risk.

Harm to the business performance --> Harm to the customer --> Less customers & revenue --> Less income --> Cost cutting --> Staff reduction...

I think most of you get this.
Now the Belgium air traffic controllers have decided that a spontaneus strike is the correct action to state their opinion. Apparently some of the staff should move about 50 kilometers from Charleroi Airport to Zaventem Airport at Brussels, but is it the best way to act by a strike that grounds about 700 flights in / out of the Belgium airports?
You tell me...!

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