Thursday, February 4, 2010

Winter BBQ - does it work?

I've been thinking about barbeque and particularly if I should take out the Weber and set it up. There is quite a lot snow at the back yard but I could easily clear some space for the grill and go ahead with winter BBQ.

However, I guess I would need to be aware of the cold weather and how it impacts the heat in and around the grill. Hence I'd go for the sausage and meatball option instead of heavy stake and chicken.

Also I might need to re-think the traditional drink. On the other hand I'd have again a perfect natural cooler. All I gotta do is put enough clothes on and either put on flexible gloves to enable handling of the stuff - or big enough that I can just slip them on and off.

I guess I gotta go for it - got already a clear support from my son but the female team members were a bit sceptical...

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