Friday, February 26, 2010

No more medals

According to my previous estimation, Finland should not get any more medals in the Olympic games!

Earlier we got the silver from snowboarding and were as good as Kazakhstan. Today we tripled the amount into 3 by having strong team girl power: Women got bronze both in 4x5 km cross-country relay as well as in Ice Hockey.
Congratulations to both!!!

Try clicking the first red&white video-logo & text "Naisten jääkiekko....FIN-SWE: 3-2..." for an interesting finishing of the winning goal on this page.

At the same time I must apologize Swedish friends since it has been a dark day for the hockey fans. Morning started by men's team being dropped out by Slovakia and just now Finnish team left the Swedish team on 4th place. However, in both games Sweden put up a good fight!

Also in Curling Sweden was doing well against China, it seems they made it to the Final against Canada!

Back to the Ice Hockey;
I am afraid that the Finnish Ice Hockey team will perform well and take a medal so my estimation becomes low. Also there is a small chance that Hannu Manninen, Finnish athlete in the Nordic Combined can hold his own in the skiing. He is in fairly good position after the ski jump but you never know...

Then we still have the figure skating, a sport that is always enjoyable to watch.

For women's ice hockey final I wish more luck to Canada - even if it does not matter that much to me who wins. Also USA would deserve to win, but if nothing else then to balance USA - Canada writing (I just wrote about American burger dream McDonalds ;o) )

Enjoy the games!!!

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