Friday, February 19, 2010

We have a fantastic snow bliz!

We have outside about -15 Celcius and a wind that is at storm level. That makes the actual temperature on-the-skin about -30 C.

This pic is from a road camera near our home, taken today noon.
More snow coming - in addition to the piles we have - and even colder weekend expected. In this map even -36 C for tomorrow morning.
We are down in south with only -20 C... If you are interested, you can check the forecast from here.

If you say it is too cold, I claim that you are not properly dressed, equipped and with a wrong attitude. It is perfectly normal that the water bottle that had some water from yesterday froze during the office day (had the bag again with me for an after-job workout).

I gotta say it one more time since I have been living in the Belgium fall-weather for 5 winter seasons:


PS Let's see what I will say when all the snow starts melting and we have slid all over. But let's worry about that later and enjoy the winter now!

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