Friday, February 26, 2010

Yep yep yep...

So, the game is already 5-0 after 12 minutes, but when it was 4-0 I decided to take the punishment and did walk around the house. It was cold.

I am sitting by the tv with the laptop on my lap - and it is 6-0. SHAME-SHAME-SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, it is quite cold to do such a distance on snow - but I deserved that after all that propaganda. I actually feel bad about this since before the game I was truly excited to watch the game - what here I am writing to you... After about 15 minutes we got the first true chance to score, but you can't expect too much. Even if one of the best goalies in the world Miikka Kiprusoff takes 4 goals from 7 shots...

PERKELE, now we need some Finnish sisu to play the rest of the game so that we can walk out from the game with out heads up!

US is playing well, but 6-0. Perhaps not the result to describe the skills difference, but the performance in the first round.


PS Here is a proof of the walk

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