Friday, February 12, 2010

Standard winter weekend...?

Our son has got football (soccer, the European thing) practice on Sundays on outdoor field. Since we are in Finland, this particular field is a heated one with artificial grass. The heating capacity is down to -10C and if the temperature goes below that, the field is closed - just like has happened on few Sundays.

A week ago on Sunday the temperature was ok but since we had a snow bliz, there was too much snow and the pitch was closed...

Last Sunday it was open, since the temperature was only about -3C but I gotta say the wind was freezing. Anyways, we - the parents - took the opportunity, went for a walk during the practice and saw some interesting things. Here are a few of them, together with some nice winter pictures.

Just to remind how this works, if you wish to expand the pic, just click it and it should expand.

Let's start with one from our back yard. In the most recent post I was questioning about the need for the gym -where I did go again this morning before 7 am :o) - but after this pic you might ask yourself if one needs any art inside the house. This is what we can enjoy from our living room.
...and here is one from the front door - just imagine if I was as calm as a horny bunny when this pile fell down right next to me when I was closing the door...
There was an orienteering race going on, and I gotta wonder what gets the people to run in knee-deep snow in the woods. Some parts of the run they could make on the roads but the rest was in the woods. And just think of the first guy to start: he needs to clear the way, make a path and all others just can follow him. Nice.

If you watch carefully, there is a competitor behind the bush in the middle of the pic.

And here is the competition control tower, for some reason not set totally outdoors.
There was also a horse stable where this particular 4-leg monster was at his primary shape since he (or she, didn't check) was running around the corral or what ever you call his fenced outdoor pitch. (Feel free to let me know proper terms via "Comments".)
I am a bit dissapointed with the jacket of the Mr/Ms Horse since I've understood that at least in Finland horse riding is a bit poshy hobby.

The following devices would need some horsepowers in front of them, but for some reason they are here unused and getting rusty while they should be used to clear particularly the ice skates rinks.
These guys and ladies had fun playing in deep snow. When they scored, the cheering was wild and loud - real joy! Well, they have arranged now a World Cup for deep snow football at Hyrynsalmi, Finland where 70 teams compete for the title. This is as stupid as the swamp football World Cup that is also arranged in Finland.
My favorite is still the regular football, even if it is now and then nice to play on snow. Yes, it is back there...
Here is one more nice detail from the routes: a path facing the woods after the orientiering guys and girls. Please note that this one if for running, not for horses. However, unlike in Brussels there is no indication for the bikes so I guess I am allowed to bike there as much and fast as I like...?
To finish the reality, here is a pic taken from out front door one of the fantastic snow mornings. The foot marks are from the news paper delivery and the BIG FOOT marks from me...
As I have stated many times, I LOVE WINTER!!!

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