Friday, November 6, 2009

I love snow!

On Wed night we got again a taster of the winter. This time it stayed over night and actually it was veeeery icy on Thursday morning. It was fantastic to see the yard again in light. I knew well that the snow brings the glow but again it was amazing to realize the contrast between the wet, dark backyard and the same yard with the snow.

I was dooming our nation with the darkness last week, but I gotta say the snow brings some compensation at least in my mind. Last week the airport was barely visible due to gray weather, but yesterday time to time it was not visible at all thanks to the snow.

I love the winter weather! At least until it turns into watery slid and I start missing subtropical Belgium. Also it gets me back to the time I was choosing if I should continue playing football (soccer) or basketball. Yes, we played the winter series outdoors – no matter rain, shine or snow…

Anyways, today almost all the snow was gone at Helsinki area. But we had loads of slid = loskapaskaa, perkele! Tonight it has snowed again, but down here it is barely cold enough for any snow to stay white. You can check the latest road weather from here. Click one of the links on the main map or on the left side frame.

I can’t wait to get to the ski slopes – just hope they won’t screw up the Levi Worldcup with the strikes they have in mind.

Again it is about the money: Companies want to give 0.5 % raise while the workers ( = union ) want 3%. Go and figure who is right, but we gotta keep the service and price levels reasonably low in order to attract any tourists to this far edge of the world.

PS I have been bad mouthing the airports so much that it is time to say again something positive: Helsinki Airport luggage handling received award for world’s best baggage delivery! In addition to local paper Helsingin Sanomat, this was noticed also down at India. See the article at The Times of India.


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