Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Snow Betrayal

Imagine you are a kid that has been promised a Christmas party. When is the time for the party, it appears to be a cup of warm juice, a balloon and one cookie. By yourself.

That's how I felt today.

The weather man promised and we expected 20-30 cm snow this morning and during the day, but just guess how it turned out. It was snowing quite nicely in the morning, but since the temperature was above zero celcius, too much of it melted right away.

Now there is barely enough snow to cover the grass and the watery slid has turned into icy surface on the roads. Since the same has happened on the sidewalks, we can estimate busy times for the emergency rooms after people fall down on slippery pavements.

While I am wishing for a proper winter weather, it is not that normal to have permanent snow in November. Up in Lapland there is the slalom World Cup at Levi, and for that region is normal to have permanent snow but not down here.

I truly hope this winter we will have proper snow in Helsinki area too!

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