Saturday, November 21, 2009

It looks like November

This morning I woke up to a gray weather - it looks like November. While living in subtropical Belgium, I said I am not looking forward to go back to the November rains when it is pouring for 3 days in a row, feels like the sun does not raise at all and the rain drops fly sideways...

In Belgium it rains quite often, but there it almost never lasts for a full day, not to talk about raining 3 days non-stop. You might have sunny morning, rainy midday and the day can end with a nice sunset. This brings the feeling it rains a lot, but the truth has got also a sunny side.

Well, the weather man said we might see the good old friend Mr Sun again later today. Let's hope for the best but I am not counting on it. Winter please come back...

Still, it is Saturday and I am happy!


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