Saturday, November 5, 2011

Nenäpäivä - Red Nose Day

Tonight we've had the local Red Nose Day program in the local TV, the Red Nose Day as it's known on BBC. Many thanks for the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE, even though let's keep as a target to make it next time even a bit better!

In Finland, I'd say my favorite was the SUURI VHS ILTA 2011, the GREAT VHS evening with local insane comedy characters... Thank you for finishing it off with Normipäivä :o) It's on YouTube, but I can't link it via this laptop.

Anyways, the YLE program collected over 2.000.000 Euros so great job!!!

PS I am thrilled for Riki Sorsa for beating the cancer that was expected to a) end his singing career and b) end his existance on the planet and tonight he was singing his ass off!!! Hyvä Riki!!!!!!!

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