Saturday, November 19, 2011

I feel good...!

One of the not-so-fun-or-enjoyable traditions in Finland is the joint voluntary day of the house community you live in, talkoopäivä. When preparing for the winter, it is quite important to clean up the yards particularly from the leaves, fix what's needed and move the necessary stuff to the storage.

Too bad the Blues lost their game against the league leading team Kalpa, where also Sami Kapanen - a former NHL star plays as a main owner of the team.

Still, it has been a heck of a day!

6 hours of outdoor work with 2 shirts sweated.
Common beneficial work done.
Arranged our outdoor shed and moved some stuff to indoor storage for the winter.
Sauna with wifey.
Best pizza in town avec olut.
Big couch with a glass of wine.
Bright sky with the stars.
Relax...towards tomorrow's soccer fan stuff.


1 comment:

MIKA said...

I gave you wrong info: Sami Kapanen didn't play yesterday.
Regards from -3C in Helsinki, no snow though. Up north they enjoy -20C and some places covered with snow already...