Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hyvää Isänpäivää - Happy Father's Day!

Today many countries celebrate the Father's Day - Isänpäivä, and Finland is one of them. My day has been until now, midday, pretty good one. Wake up at a pretty good time not to waste time, and heading to the (indoor as it's +5C outside) football pitch for my son's football practice.

Today it was more than a practice: we played Fathers against Sons football match and I can tell you, it was FUN! The boys won by one goal, 7-6 I guess, but who cares (except everyone on the pitch) as the main thing was to get another father-son experience together. Naturally the mothers were cheering, I guess equally to both sides even though my wife said that perhaps next year they will need to start cheering the fathers as we are getting to be on the weak side...

Now after the shower I took the time to sit down on the couch while the rest of the gang are preparing a fabulastic brunch with karjalanpiirakka, munavoi and mud-cake. I guess there's some Mimosa available too, even if I target to play a basketball game still tonight.
Hyvää Isänpäivää kaikille, myös omalle Faijalleni siellä missä olet!
Happy Father's Day to all!
Hope also you get the treatment you deserve!

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