Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mucha dinero - Prices in Spain

I came across with some old receipts and decided to share some price info from Andalucia, Spain with you. Make up your own mind if they are cheap, expensive, or something else...

Some restaurant prices;
  • 6 portions = raciones of different seafood, bread, 8 x soft drinks, 4 x water bottles, 2 x 0,75 liters of Rioja wine, all together 67,80 Eur in our favorite restaurant
  • Pizza in a bit better restaurant with wooden chairs etc 8,90-10,50 Eur
  • Pasta in the same place +/- 9 Euros
    • Similar pizzas and pastas you can get for 5~6 Euros in a restaurant with plastic chairs
From grocery store;
  • 2 liters of Pepsi, Pepsi Twist that we don't have in Finland, for 1,19 Eur
  • 6x2 liters of still water á 0,23 Eur = 1,38 Eur
  • Irish Cream 0,7 liters 4,88 Euros
  • 12 x 0,33 liters of San Miquel beer á 0,49 Eur = 5,88 Eur
  • Rioja wines from ~1,5 Eur up
  • Philadelphia fresh cheese 150g 1,48 Eur
  • Oven pizza 2,49
    • Not much different from Finland
  • Plastic bag 2 cents
    • Yep, much weaker than the Finland 20-40 cent versions, but still
  • Billabong's fabric wallet 10 Euros - youngster's choice... 
  • 6 people access to BioParc Zoo, an amazing one in the middle of the city, 76,80 Eur including some sort of flyer discount of 20%
  • Access to a big water park, Parque Acuatico Mijas, adults 19 Eur, kids 14 Eur
Adios con poco dinero...!

PS You better save some money in your pocket to pay for a taxi of 29,4 kilometers, as it can cost you 61,40 Euros...

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