Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bad Christmas Lights - Malttia Jouluvaloihin!

Now that our American friends have finished the Thanksgiving turkey and turn the mode towards Chirsmas, I think it's time to think about what christmas lights and how we should put up. Some seem to think it is stylish enough to just throw up a line of lights on a tree, but I've got news to you: It's not!

Also some should understand that sometimes less is more. That means you should not put up eeeeeverything you have purchased along the years, particularly without any planning. For some examples, you can visit

There are some innovative solutions out there too, this one is perhaps my favorite even if I would not put it up on my house...
Eli malttia jouluvalojen kanssa; ihan kaikkea ei tarvitse laittaa esiin - ja toisaalta jos laitatte jotain, tehkää se kunnolla.

27 yötä Jouluun - 27 nights to Christmas! And one additional to the ones who celebrate on 25th...

PS I'm still looking for an answer to my question about futurology, what is that in relations to photography.
Eli etsin vieläkin vastausta kysymykseeni 

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