Sunday, October 10, 2010

Football EuroCup 2012 Finland - Hungary 12.10.2010

Should I go there...?

Finland has started (again) the football (soccer) EuroCup qualification games with 2 beatings. It is not that surprising that we lost against Holland at their home arena, but loosing against Moldova is not what we expected.

On Tuesday the games continue when Hungary comes to Helsinki. The game is naturally on TV too, but since I have one young football player in the family it might be good to go there and watch the game at the stadium.

Yep, I know it will be freezing as the temperature will not be above +10C but still, dressing warm and warming yourself with overgrilled sausage that is frozen from inside should do the trick to enjoy the somewhat 2,5 hour session. I might not get the overpriced 125 Euro tickets but on the other hand I'm not that keen on trying to see something from the last row in the 40.000 people stadium.

Sorry folks, we don't have a bigger stadium - and this one was built for the 1952 Olympics. It would need a renovation - or we should build a new stadium in Helsinki.

PS If you are visiting Helsinki, you should go to the Stadium Tower for a great view over the city!

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Equipo de Trabajo said...

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