Sunday, October 31, 2010

Check the Checklist

Imagine this;

You are going for a cruise, offered by your son. Yes, compliments by him - highly appreciated! When your kid is awarded with such thing as his team's Most Valuable Player -award in the biggest tournament of the season, there is no way you can tell him "Sorry man, it is a bit hectic right now so we can't go for the cruise. We must skip it!".

No way, it is a BIG thing and we are fortunate to be his parents so that we can join him :o) And naturally we get to pay for all the rest; food-drinks-candy-shopping-games etc.

You also need to somehow get yourselves to the terminal. Since we have a busstop next door and the terminal is in the heart of the city, we decided to use bus + tram. Terminal in the city means also small and relatively expensive parking.

Off we go and enjoying the ~20 min bus trip at the seaside towards the city. Do we have everything with us?

Wallet - checked
Passport or ID - checked
Luggage - checked
Kids - checked
Tickets - checked
...or at least we have a copy of the reservation and meals that I (not our son, me) must pay in the terminal.


We don't have the precious voucher!!!

*BLING* and I jump off the bus at the next stop. It was first difficult to get a taxi to a bus stop but finally I succeeded. Quick stop at home and back towards the terminal. Wife & kids I left in the bus so I was able to move faster by myself.

Like most stories, also this one had a happy ending.
Which was actually a start.

A start of a fun trip!
More about the trip itself comes later on.

PS The Crown Prinsess of Sweden is coming to Helsinki with her newly wedded husband but she has not contacted me so far. I know her schedule is a bit busy but since I have visited her castle in Stockholm, I think it would be fair for her to stop by at our castle too. 

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