Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Adios EuroCup 2012

I did go to the Finland - Hungary game with my son - and I guess the best thing was that he got to see pro football. +5C temperature didn't make it at all enjoyable - and neither did the teams warm us up with their performance.

Finland lost.
3 games and 3 losses makes it quite impossible to make it to the EuroCup 2012. The team has got several veterans who in worst case played their last game in the national team today. I kind of agree with such approach, since if we don't have any chance to make it to the games we should think what benefit can we get from the rest of the qualification games.

How about giving a chance for the younger players to take more responsibility and potentially make an international break-through?

We have some big names (in Finland scale) still playing;
Sami Hyypiä, former Liverpool captain, currently Leverkusen
Jussi Jääskeläinen, Bolton goalie
Jari Litmanen, 1995 Champions League winner with Ajax and former Barcelona # 10 shirt player
...and some others who are a lot smaller names and getting closer to the end of their career.

If we would have a real chance to make it to the games, I would definetely keep these guys in as they simply are one of the best (if not THE best) in Finland. If EuroCup 2012 is Adios for us, I can not blame if the guys decide to give their place to the next generation.

Another question is why Finland has lost these 3 games?
Players do the work but the coach runs the show - and players play according to his game plan. Therefor I can't that much blaim some part of the audience that was singing coach Baxter to leave: "Where's the result - Baxter out...!". The attitude or self confidence of the coach should not be an issue, that was again proven after the game, video clip from here.

I wish all the best to the team for the rest of the games, not least when we go head-to-head with Sweden next year! I hope the defense keeps Zlatan the Viking Ibrahimovic in control - with or without Hyypiä! I'd like to express my thank you to team Holland for today's win against Sweden - our love & hate neighbourg ;o)

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