Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Should I stay or should I go?

If I only have known what the summer will be like in Finland when booking flights to Spain...
We have had extraordinary temperatures in Finland until now, but apparently it is about to turn back to normal from now on. Here in southern part we might still make it above +20 C but for the northern parts it will be -20C next. Tonight they estimate the temperature to go below 0 C in central parts and up north in Lapland. Yep, the temperature where the water freezes.

If I would have known, perhaps I would have tried to take some holiday for a shorter trip later this year but on the other hand, it is not fair compare holiday in Finland to this trip. 2.5 weeks with the food, drinks, culture, climate and company I had - fantastic, I'd say! You can not get it anywhere else.

The waterline at the Mediterranean coast is a bit boring compared to Finland where you have 1000's of islands, an archipelago.

On the other hand we don't have the dolphines or the seafood you have in Mediterranean.

At Costa del Sol there are surprisingly few lifeguards on the beaches. One person might be covering an area of about 2 km (over a mile). On the other hand I didn't see them leave their post at all so I guess people knew how to swim...

During the many trips we have made to Fuengirola, I have never before seen a red flag on the beach. That doesn't mean there wouldn't have been one up but I can tell you the waves were pretty good one morning! The previous afternoon they were also good and we got to enjoy them, but that particular morning they were apparently were ok even for surfing.

The red flag morning we had to settle for watching since we were going for a trip to Great Britain in Spain. That was one of the few places we had not yet visited. The rock and monkeys in Gibraltar are worth seeing at least once. Also the caves that have even been used as hospitals during the World War II. Shopping for alcohol or cigarettes is not bad either - genuine tax free...

So if you are in the area, take the effort and go!

PS I've got more to come about Spain, as promised, but also about Gibraltar with a bit critical eye;o)

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