Thursday, August 12, 2010

Haircut and Courgars / Pumas

Perkele, why didn't I take the time and effort to get my hair cut down in Spain?
Over there the regular price seemed to be 10-12 Euros for men and 2 Euros more for the women. That's the kind of sexism I liiiiiike ;o) But now I gotta get it done in Finland and pay about double the price :o(

By the way, if an older woman is together with a younger man, the woman is called a "cougar" a.k.a. "puma" in Finnish but if an older man is together with a younger woman he is called with different bad names. Whay is that?

And now I'm not talking about pedofile stuff since that is absolutely 110% unacceptable in all forms, but adults for example with ages 50 and 30 years.

Just came to think about this sïnce a tv-series "Cougar Town" started and I can tell you Jules Cobb is indeed becoming a cougar...

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