Monday, August 9, 2010

España - Spain - Espanja; A country with much to offer!

Spain is a country which has got surprisingly bad holiday destination image in the eyes of many people. Perhaps that is due to most people having their experience from a package trips to extremely touristic destinations - and them not going further than the hotel, beach, British pub and international night clubs.

There is hell of a lot more to offer - and this applies to Spain, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, as well as many other places like Prague, Riga, Sofia etc. You gotta talk to people, ask recommendations and instructions and be a bit brave - and you find a world totally different from the one offered to average tourists.

We did again a trip to Fuengirola, Spain. I know it is on a black list for many people, but I will try to prove my point in the upcoming posts where I will share with you some of my experiences - and perhaps give you some tips & tricks that might help you to enjoy your holiday more either in Spain or somewhere else.
In minimum I will give you again some stuff to read. And as always, if you wish to hear more, please use the "Comments" -field at the end of a post.


ivanka said...

Olen pelkkänä korvana, joten anna tulla vaan :)

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