Monday, August 23, 2010

Looking for dolphins? Prepare for tunafish!

We had almost horrible Dolphin hunt, but I can tell you this story had a happy ending. And no horror.

During our previous trip to Costa del Sol we decided to go for a Dolphin hunt. In my terminology it is a bit like Castle hunting by the river Rhein which means seeing; experiencing them live is enough, you don't need to buy a castle or eat the fish to enjoy them. Perhaps.

I say this applies at least to dolphins; You don't need to catch them to enjoy them – you can let them bee wild and see them in their natural environment! A bit along the same line as one friend does with flyfishing; catch and release.

Last time we took a nice, slowly moving Yacht Dolphin from Fuengirola marina. It was about 4 hour sailing, including a great lunch and an open bar. The only down side was that we didn’t see any dolphins.

Since we really wanted to see them, we went again, but this time we wanted to take a faster option: 1 hour trip with a power boat.

We started our trip from Benalmadena port near Malaga. The boat was called “Caribbean Lady”, a Reggae Boat... Fast, furious but still veeeery smooth to ride even on a bit rougher sea!
Well, tough luck and no dolphins so they made us a deal we couldn't refuse. Off we go some days later for a 2 hour trip.

0 dolphins.

However, we saw a FLYING TUNAFISH! Ok, it wasn't flying far but it was beautiful and shiny in the afternoon sun. I guess that's something I won't see again soon :o(

Hmmmm, after this trip we got a deal I promised not talk about but result was another hour onboard.  And what did we get?
Are they real...?
The audience was paying attention, and it was worth it. The lady below was escorting a baby dolphin!
I can truly recommend these guys, check out their website and go! Great staff, fast & clean boat, cold beer & soda - and they do everything they can to make you enjoy and particularly see the dolphins!

You can find them at Benalmadena marina. If you live near the Renfe - the train - take it down to Benalmadena and either walk or take a 4-5 Euro taxi to the marina. Also buses work smoothly and cost only a dime. The Miami Vice -feeling comes in the package ;o)

If you at the end decide to go tunafishing, be aware that you pick a fight with someone your size.

No matter how it goes, a good thing is that you can take a refreshing break if you wish. The sea is blue and veeery salty. When we went swimming for the first time, it was about 50 meters deep. Yep, about 150 feet of sea below us.

Well, the next stop was a bit further out and 300 meters deep, ~900 feet. But at least we found 2 brave guys to go in :o)

C'mon summer, don't go away - yet!!! 

...on the other hand, I was yesterday talking about the ski slopes...

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