Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's Sauna Time

Oh boy I'm glad we have a sauna at home!

Tonight after a game of football/soccer - where unfortunately the involved family member was not able to play due to a virus - 2 family members were cheering for the team at the pitch -  I was again truly happy about having a sauna!!!

Let's get real, I guess it is best to go to the sauna topic before I sign out = we will find out a right person to talk to  and I will step out ;o)

I''m not gonna find pics for the moment but who knows - I might do it soon.

This morning I heard on the radio that the number of saunas in Finland is about 3 million! That means we have more saunas than cars. Insane...!

I should try to find out how many mobile phones we have, particularly after having worked with mobile phone industry for 10 years in my previous life. While the world is said to have about 4.6 billion mobile phones, I'd love to know what is the market share today in the extremely competitive market in Finland  that I was fortunate to leave at year 2000 - just at a good time before the Telecom fall in Finland. Remember, I'm just interested in a few things, not to rescue the industry ;o)

 I can say the industry is totally different comparing to the time I joined it. Then it was the time of Nordic MNT450 and NMT900, and while the GSM network was opened it became an open field for competition!

When you start with a market share of 100% (NMT450 and NMT900), it is only a downfall when the market opens for competition but IT HAS BEEN A HELL OF A FUN TRIP WITH COLLEAGUES, COMPETITORS AND PARTNERS to make it through the time I was over there!!!

Or how would you otherwise explain that I have gained many lifetime friends from that time...? Some of you readers (yep, you will recognize yourselves) have been fortunate enough to enjoy part of that friendship in a mode of summer cabin, sauna and lake - with a host with a BIG heart!
Finland is said to have the most beautiful archipelago in the world - the area with the islands - and I'm happy to tell you more about that fact. Guys, if we exclude Oct and Nov, in principle this country is beautiful - and gotta say that if you fly up North you can see spectacular things also in Oct-Nov !!!

I think we should put this number of saunas - or if needed who ever says a BIG number versus the others in a similar perspective than the announced arm force numbers particularly does not matter = no-one will believe anyone!!!
Guys, this really was the afact during the cold war!

I'd guess if you ask any Russian authority, I guess they would claim we Finns are nothing and the the Russian = Soviet Union reminders can offset - if preferred - a good potential for a good non-fashioned let's-drink-some-hard-alcohol-together -we or you should just forget any of the meetings, commitments or what you have and flow with the crap music on the TV at the moment ;o)

C'mon guys - you think I have not shown the real pics from the scene? Well, the previous one is not but it could - and I can tell you you have NOT missed any of the true fun due to me not going through two cameras and two PCs to get it all fixed :o)

Blaablaablaa, someone says so I gotta come back to the cold war armoring time and the I'll make it bigger than you - and particularly where did it all started from;

I'd guess that the books and stats from the 1950's say we have had at that time somewhat 50.000 lakes and for us Finns, and what we see printed in the books is the trueth! Then most probably some Swede claimed they have 55.000 lakes. Well, if you know any of us Finns, there's no way we can sit back and; let our beloved friends next door be better without a battle!

So we gotta do a recount and announce a higher number than Sweden! And so on - get the picture...? That is the fantastic love and hate stuff with the Swedish friends- and I can say I do have many people over there I consider friends but  none that I consider "neverwannameetyouagain"!

Hey, nowadays Finnair posts in their in-flight -magazine that Finland has got 188.000 lakes! And if somene prints it, it must be true or...?

No matter how many rocks we count, as long as it is good for the money - that at the end is the reson we come or don't come to the office ;o) Let's try to develop the working community towards a "don't care where or  when you do it, as long as you do it" -mentality. It won't be easy and all of our stuff will NOT be able to do it but if we will try, we will  take one step towards the right solution!

Puss o' kram till mina Svenska vänner! Not the guys though, sorry ;o)


PS Wanna go and check out the Finnish archipelago from the sea or in need for a preeeetty good place for meetings?
Check out the and Villa Ruusuniemi, not a bad choice at all!

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