Tuesday, July 27, 2010


...is so fantastic and overwhelming thing that even the blog gets some time off. Sorry for not letting you know about it earlier, but I can guarantee I have something in my back pocket for you to shate - but that will be a bit later on.

Also I can´t bypass a fact of other priorities in mind so let´s try to bear each others´ moods and situations. And if you for whatever reason can´t, I claim it is your loss :o)

Life goes on with or without one blog, there will always be someone to replace the empty space - but as I have tried to express along the way this is also a theraphy channel for me. And I can assure you I am not alone with the motivation.

But again, many thanks to you for sharing the interest with me as there must be a reason for 672 different users (IP-addresses) from 63 different countries from all continents excluding Antarctica, have come to this site over 2000 times since January this year!!!

Regards from a warm environment with fantastic food, drinks and company - not to talk about the environment and touristic opportunities. Talk to you later!

Viva España, Campiones del Mundo!


ivanka said...

Minulle blogisi on todella tarpeellinen, koska en osaa englantia, ainoastaan sellaista kieltä, että minut myytäisiin apinana torilla. Harjoitan kielitaitoani saitillasi.

Kirjoitat niin selkeästi, että minulla ei yleensä ole mitään vaikeuksia seurata tekstiäsi ja jos on, päättelen, että kirjoittajan täytyy olla juovuksissa, tai sitten minä vaan olen helvetin tyhmä :D

Hyvää lomaa, sielläkö te olette OC:n 11-kerroksissessa?

MIKA said...

Kiitos Madam!
Kyllä, OD11 view juuri nyt ja jos et saa selvää jostain, se on se jurriharja...!