Saturday, July 10, 2010

Congratulations to the Team Germany...

...even if you were not my favorites for the game. This also means that all medals in these games will stay in Europe :o(

What a football game - that's what I call an entertaining football! During the game it became obvious that no matter who wins the game, it has been a good one and the win is well deserved since both team played instead of boring safe-game...

The only minus for the game I would give to the German fans(?) in the audience; There is NO EXCUSE for the booing when the other team isin attack. Be it for one individual player or for the team, no excuses - just like for there is no excuse for racism or attentionally hurting another player!

Well, another minus came after the final whistle; I bet that Uruguay would have been happy for winning th e game - unlike the Team Germany that looked like finishing a warm-up game against local 2nd division team. Yes, I 110% understand and symphatize that you wanted to win the tournament - just like 30+ other teams - but please show a little passion too!

Many thanks for the Uruguay and Germany teams for the love of football game - and for the fans a serious reminder that IT IS ONLY A GAME!!!

Team Uruguay, you can keep your heads up - you showed you are a strong team, what a finish with 10 cm from overtime!

Congratulations Team Germany!
PS I heard Spain is arranging a big Welcome Home -party for the team no matter what the outcome of the final is. That's what I call loyalty and support!


Anonymous said...

Viva Holland!!!

MIKA said...

Hey, this sounds like a good start for next fall Euro Cup qualifications game - Holland meets Finland in Rotterdam :o)
Hyvä Suomi!