Saturday, July 3, 2010

Oh boy oh boy, where is the World Cup going to...

Dear American friends,

The ones that are aware of the Football (soccer) World Cup that is going on in South Africa, might be aware of the fact that Team USA is out after fairly good performance. I noticed that at least your former President Bill Clinton made it there supporting USA.

However, if you have wondered why there were so few American supporters in the audience, the picture below might explain why they didn't find their way to the stadium.
If you at this point wonder what's the point I'm trying to make, you should get yourself a map. Bigger then your home state ;o)
Yesterday one of my (3) favorite teams dropped out after a peculiar performance. Brazil was leading the game and then they make an own goal, Dutch finish a good one from a corner kick, and when Brazil is 1-2 down something snaps between the brain and leg of a Brazilian player: He kicks a Dutch player on the ground and gets a well deserved red card.

Out of the game and Brazil is trying to catch up with 1 player less. Well, effort was good but my favorite cheerleaders are out from the tournament :o(
Well, my two latino favorites are still in: Spain and Argentina.

Argentina was actually my first World Cup favorite at the age of 10 or something, purely due to their shirts that I loved.

Since I got to understand football a bit more, Brazil has been the team and during the past ~10 years Spain has somehow gotten my heart and support. Not least due to visiting the country both for leisure and business for about 20+ times.

This support was crowned 2 years ago at the Euro Cup; We were in Spain for holiday during the games and  while Spain won the Cup and I can tell you the Spanish had the party LOUD!

Before that, I have some bigger games to support: My son is in the middle of a tournament.
C'mon guys, HYVÄ HONKA!!!

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