Sunday, September 14, 2014

Silence is golden...

...speaking is diamonds! Sorry for the silence, no excuses.

Today is the day when basketball world will have a chance to make a revolution. In theory. It will not happen as USA will win the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2014 in the final game against Serbia.

Why wouldn't Serbia win?
For the same reason that the sky is blue: It just is so and you can't help it.

Team Finland tried and failed - badly. If you look at the numbers behind the teams it becomes quite obvious why. Double-click the pic to enlarge it...
Source Helsingin Samomat 30.8.2014

In US is 29,3 million basketball players, that is 29.300.000, and in Finland 21.000.

US has got 14 Olympic gold medals and 4 World Cup wins. Finland's best rank in Olympics is positions 9-16.

In FIBA ranking US is #1, Finland #39.

Average player height US 201cm, Finland 199cm vs average weight US 100,5kg vs Finland 95,5kg. Interesting particularly if we think of average age US 24 years with Finland's 29 years...

Most national team games Finland's Tuukka Kotti with 170 games vs US Rudy Gay's and Derrick Rose's 19 games.

Yes, the US players are simply better, more skilled etc, hence no wonder their best paid player gets 14,7 million Euros per year vs Finland's best paid player - and best player - Petteri Koponen with his 0,9 million Euros per year.

Congratulations to team USA for winning the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2014!

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