Sunday, August 24, 2014

Game Me - Pelaa Minua!

Most of us have seen the bad examples of so called Google translations. One would think that if you make a visible item with many languages on it to Heathrow airport terminal that you would bother to check with native speaker that all are proper language.

Great initiative, a piano on a hallway by the gates with a "Play me" recommendation on it. But why baby why didn't you check the other languages...? The Finnish one is a fantastically horrible example of the Google style translator; It says - converting it back to English - "Game me". And yes, I "gamed" it...

Eli lyhyesti;
Tollot ovat hyödyntäneet Google -tyyppistä käännöskonetta tarkastamatta tekstiä natiivilla ja lopputuloksena Lontoon Heathrown lentokentällä matkustajien soitettavissa olevaan pianoon on kirjoitettu "Pelaa Minua". Ja pelasinhan minä...

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