Saturday, September 14, 2013

Viva Finlandia - Hyvä Suomi, kick some Spanish ass!

It is only days since I was in Finland - Spain football game, where the stronger candidate took what was expected: A win for Spain. In less than an hour we are in a similar situation, it is EuroBasket, European Basketball Championships and Finland is playing Spain. If Finland wins, it is a BIIIIG surprise as Spain is THE team in Europe.

B-ball is a fantastic game and hence there is a chance for surprises. Finland has won Greece, Greece has won Spain, which in theory means Finland should win. NOT!

Finnish media has listed some tips for the audience, if you understand Finnish, check this out:

The following is from;


1. Seuraa missä kohti kenttää Espanjan huippusentteri Marc Gasol (13) pelaa hyökkäyksessä? Sijoittuuko hän vapaaheittoviivan tienoille vai korin alle.
2. Muuttuuko hyökkäysasetelma ja laskeeko hyökkäyksen tehokkuus Gasolin ollessa vaihdossa?
3. Seuraa sitä, miten Espanjan takamiehet ajavat korille. Päättyykö ajo   korintekoyritykseen vai hienoon vapauttavaan syöttöön pelikaverille?
4. Ricky Rubio (9) on yksi maailman parhaista takamiesten puolustajista, varsinkin pallottoman pelaajan puolustajana. Puolustaako hän Petteri Koposta? Jos puolustaa, edessä on kahden huippupelaajan mittelö.

Short, free translation:
1. Follow at which part of the court Spanish top center Marc Gasol (13) plays in offence? Is he located by the free throw line or closer to the basket?
2. Does the play set in offence change or is the effectiveness decreasing when Gasol is at bench?
3. See how Spanish guards (the shorter guys who control more the ball) penetrate to the basket. Does it end with an attempt to score a basket or with a niiiice pass to a team mate who has a chance for a free shot?
4. Ricky Rubio (9) is one of the best defenders of guards, especially a player without a ball. Does he defend Petteri Koponen (11) from Finland team? If so, we are about to see a battle of two fantastic players!

...if you wish to follow the stats online, it's here.

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