Sunday, September 15, 2013

Basketball European Championships 2013 overachiever: Team Finland!

Even if it seems Finland is not going to make the top 8 and still are playing home team Slovenia, I claim Finland has overachieved in the games! Losing a bit over 20 points to Spain, current 2 time European Champion, is not bad. If the shooting % would have been closer to normal, the result would have been even less painful - but winning Spain would have needed a true miracle.

As said before (see previous posts), making it through from their group winning Russia, Greece, Turkey and Sweden was something nobody expected!

When we face the sports award gala 2013, I would say 2 category wins are already given: Team of the Year and Coach of the Year: Men's basketball team and coach Henrik Dettman. If the miracle of making final 8 would have happened, it would have been the Sports Performance of the Year.

Thank you for the pics...

Tomorrow evening Slovenia - Finland, then the "Wolves" return home - hopefully understanding they have played extremely well.


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