Sunday, September 8, 2013


Today I can say I am more than happy to be a Finn, Finnish citizen living in Finland. I know that only some weeks from today I am fed up with the darkness, gray and wet weather. 

To put things in perspective, at that point we are only going towards the time of the year when it feels the sun does not come up at all here in Southern Finland. For the guys living in Lapland, Northern part of Finland, it is not only "it feels like it" since up there the sun stays below horizon for ~2 months. Tough, hence we should better understand why we have one of the highest alcohol and coffee consumption in the world, as well as extremely high suicide rate. 

Why am I happy then?

Let's not talk about the small home tasks, but I'm happy to say I have also used the vacuum cleaner this weekend. 

It is September and for example the average temperature last year was +12C. We have had all weekend +22 to +24C, sunny and nice. Fantastic!!!

On Friday I got to see one of the best football teams and world class top players perform: Finland - Spain at Olympic Stadium of Helsinki. The goal opportunities were close to equal, Finland having two first ones, while Spain used their chances better and won 0-2. 

Today I got to enjoy my son play a football game in sunny Lahti city. The game was played right next to the statue of Jari Litmanen at Kisapuisto. 
Second game after his fairly long injury, HE IS BACK and I love to watch his games!

Team Finland in Basketball, the "Wolves", lost yesterday their game against Italy, making a GREAT COME-BACK today and WON RUSSIA in the EuroBasket games after 2 overtimes!!! To put things in perspective, Russia has got 143,5 million people vs Finland's 5,4 million. Russia's latest big win was Olympic bronze at 2012 vs Finland has never ever won a medal in big games. GREAT GAME & WIN that takes Finland to the second round!!!

Seasons are starting at many levels so I also get a chance to watch some other games of interest to me. I myself need to be off the b-ball court for over a week so I gotta focus on other sports to consume the energy - no worries. 

Yesterday I got to enjoy the best pizza in town with good company. As some of you know, that pizza is served at our place. Today I BBQ'd ~15 steaks, no need to say more I guess? 

In addition to the ones mentioned above, several good moments, e.g. my daughter found a special dress for a special occasion to come. Today included an ad-hoc visit to a should-wear-a-suit-event wearing an outfit out of scope, feeling still good as the option was to stay out and see the key people in worst case only in a year or so. I also have had time for myself, which is good - thank you for the supporting / surrounding team :o) 

Don't you think that all has been sugar & honey covered with flowers, while I will not let the downturns to impact too much. Dang, I will make my best to turn challenges into success stories...!

Have a fabulastic week you all!!!

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