Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Heat ... and Tourism

The heat ... is GONE! Perk...e!

Only 12,5 C outside. Let's hope it will come back. Before next summer...

If you are in Helsinki as a local or tourist, there are heck of many places to go. One of them is Jätkäsaari, the same hoods where Madonna was performing I-guess-2-years-ago. There is a shop that is fairly innovative,, selling all their stuff both online and in shop. Best it is known from computers and related stuff. They've made the shop a bit of an experience on top of the goods, or how would you describe things like a MIG fighter plane on the roof, and a Computer & Game Consol museum.

Another go-to-place for us locals is at Tapiola, Espoo - my hoods;
The landmark pool is not the same at the moment.

After; ???
Check out for more info.

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