Sunday, June 23, 2013

On the Road

In my Friday post I estimated the number of deaths in Finland for the Midsummer weekend to be 10. I'm sorry to say I was wrong: according to Iltalehti, the number is 15 at the moment, 7 in traffic, 7 on water and 1 killed. The return traffic is still on so the numbers might still go up... Let's be careful out there!!!

Here are few captured moments from the road. Too bad I didn't have a camera available when I passed an electronic car with a licence plate "CO-2", but I found a pic of it on;

I wonder why these guys were not driving the one they were carrying...

Is it Bond?
James Bond?
No, it's triple-o'-seven!
Smoke on the water?

Well, too bad I didn't take a pic: it was a female member of romani people in full costume and as always one that takes good care of the car...

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