Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bronko's BBQ Sauce - This is GOOD STUFF...!

Imagine going to a supermarket at a local mall up North in Finland, the country of reindeers and Santa Claus - the REAL Santa, locally called Joulupukki. From the store you find a GIANT size of a man, real deal American with cowboy hat, sun glasses (indoors, of course), and a gitar behind the counter. Is this Finland or what...?

Ladys and Gents, it was Mr Bronko at the counter with a BIG smile and full of good spirit!
In the pic you can see also Bronko's mother, on a sauce bottle named after Momma Dee. I have now tasted all 3 sauces available in the shop, the sweet, smoky and spicy, and man I can tell you they are indeed worth this post!

Get to the shop, at least the Citymarket at Iso Omena shopping hell in Espoo had them. More about Bronko at his site .

Bon Appetit - Hyvää ruokahalua!!!

PS My Kingsford did again great deeds with the BBQ stuff, today using the Smoke House. Believe me or not, the branding on the arm is genuine Bronko's BBQ branding - I was reaching for something...

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