Sunday, June 2, 2013


...for the silence! I claim that I've been too busy to stop and write. Of course I would have had the time if I would have taken it, while still I'd say it's been quite hectic. Since the last post I have been twice out of the country, been fan in 2 football tournaments and watched other games - perhaps ~14 all together, worked almost normal weeks, played basketball several times, cycled some tens of kilometers, BBQ's quite a lot, been lazy, hosted and visited friends. The normal stuff.

Today I had a bit bigger BBQ set than normally;

This pic does not even include all, as I took out the halloumi cheese only at the end. Last night the set was almost as big, but with less different options. Today I had a vegetarian in the table so it did have a small impact...

As we are on the topic of food, I've got a tip for anyone who is in hoods of Tallinn, Estonia either with a car of is able & willing to take a taxi for a bit longer distance. Longer...? ~25km.
It is a short drive from Tallinn and what you can do is to hunt your own food :o)
They have a small pond with trouts and you get to fish your own food.

For me it took about 15 minutes and 4 shrimp baits. Our meal was 2.070 kilos.

After the smoking, it was veeeery nice.

Check out also the wooden tool.

So if you are up to a bit different meal and experience, check out the Trahter Hüüru Veski Forelligrill at Paldiski maantee 351, Hüüru küla, Saue vald, Harjumaa, phone (+372) 607 143. You better hope you are as lucky as us with the weather, it was fantastic to eat outside by the river!
Hyvää ruokahalua - Bon appétit!

PS What did I say about Team Switzerland in the Ice Hockey games? They got silver...!!!

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