Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Vappu - Wappu - Walborg in Finland, Queens Day in Holland

Long Live the Queen - and as of today, the King of Holland!

Many thanks for the spectacular, or should I say fabulastic, festival in Holland - the Queen's Day on April 30th! I've enjoyed it only once while I can say it is veeeery much worth the visit. I believe even more today as the power in Holland is going to a King after over 100 years of Queen power.

Long Live Wappu, Vappu, Walborg!
Yes, the patio is clear from the snow for vappu bbq or what ever we choose to use it for. Also the standard stuff is ready.

We have about +10C in Helsinki area, rainshowers during the day and right now the sun is with us. Still some snow in the corner of the yard so natural cooler is ready :o)
Bucharest has got over +30C, enjoy it!

For the old stories about the Finnish carneval of the spring, check out the Wappu stories...

Kirkasta Wappua meille kaikille!

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