Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Blue Oyster Club

Most of us - particularly the ones who appreciate a high quality movies with high end culture performances - link the title directly to the Police Academy movies.

I had a little issue yesterday, while it had nothing to do with the movie or blue - but a lot to do with the oysters;

As we are in Finland, you can not get fresh oysters from every store. There is also some good stuff with the social media ad: I found out that Stockmann's has got an oyster master presenting the stuff and Helsinki store has got an oyster + champagne deal in the bar. Well, I had pretty busy day and had no chance to enjoy the bar, hence I took a quick pit stop at Stockmann's at my hoods. For what ever reason at 09:30 on Saturday morning there were 14 people in line to get a service from the 2 sea food pros at the counter.

...the issue;
"As we are in Finland..." means a) we don't have an oyster farm next door and hence b) oyster consumption is not BIG in Finland. My home hoods Stockmann had them only in boxes of 14 and as I am the only one in the family to enjoy them, 14 is slightly too many (even if #14 is THE number - some of you know what I'm talking about...)!

When you need help, who're you gonna call?
Not Ghost Busters, but brother-in-law. I did also call my sister who polightly said thank you but no thank you. If they would have come, I would have bought 2 boxes :o)

Get oysters.

Open them (without cutting yourself (no, I did not)).

Get some bubbles, lemon and tabasco to go and enjoy them all.

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Anonymous said...

Next time, "who you're gonna call" is your best girl-cousins mate!!!! HE'S the one you're gonna call....