Sunday, April 14, 2013

Change of the seasons

Seasons are changing.

On Friday night came the first rains in several months. The snow cover is now down to about 30cm in Helsinki area. Spring is coming, the coming week even up North in Lapland the temp is expected to stay above 0 C. Let's see if I can get the backyard deck cleared from snow by Wappu, May first carneval. Now there is about 1m of snow that has come down from the roof.

Football season has started and the players and teams can show what they have learnt during the long winter months. Some Finland top league games have been canceled due to pitches being covered with snow. Well, this is Finland so it should not be that much of a surprise if you schedule games for early April. My main interest team started with a win - the team didn't play that well, still getting the well respected 3 points with 2-0 win.

Basketball season is getting close to end and playoffs and finals are being played. Both another of my teams and my main interest team finished with a small disapointment, having still a good season. Question is how could I take a smoother attitude towards the games? With deep knowledge and experience combined with strong sense of justice, living fully in the moment with passion and temper, not shutting up if things keep going the wrong way". The good thing is that in the core of the moments is a BIG sense of caring about the good, right things to happen... If you have no idea what I'm saying - don't worry, some do have an idea.

It is about the time to change also from winter tyres to summer ones. I was hoping I would not need to do it for this car as I was supposed to get a new one already over a month ago. Well, the Belge went on strike as there are plans to close down the factory and I'm one of the ones suffering. Well, It will be quite easy one for me as I don't have job or business on the line - just one car.

Shoe season will also change soon. In some weeks I might be able to take out the leather sole shies and have an option for the subber sole shoes. Niiiiiice!

Same thing with winter jacket - that will change into lighter ones.

If I'd have the time and chance, it would be fantastic to go up to Lapland for skiing! I doubt the slopes nearby Helsinki will stay open for long.

BBQ season started already weeks ago - at least feels like it. That will continue for loooong.

Candle season is also in the middle of change. They are not that fancy for that many hours per day as the daylight sticks around longer in the evenings. Still, candle season lasts 12 months per year.

Have a great season - what ever season it is!

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