Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lahti City Christmas Market - Laheen Joulutori

I was in Lahti today. It's one of those small-medium size cities in Finland with somewhat 100.000 people. It's a city with sports, business and apparently as the main reason for existance manufacturing of furniture.

We should not forget the beverage / beer manufacturing that I wrote a saaaaad story about back at December 2009. ...strange, I've been doing this for years... Anyway, I was there today and I met the Santa Claus - Joulupukki!

First I was not sure if he was the real or only a helper, but dear friends well noted that "C'mon Mika, he recognized you and hence waived at you. He must have been the real one!". I agree. He sent his regards to the ones who are true believers.
The Santa was at a Christmas market in the city market square. They had a lot of Finnish stuff, mainly hand made - I also did a bit of shopping - and lots of food and glögi, the sweet non-alcoholic glühwein as you are not allowed to sell alcohol in Finland in such places. Same in Sweden...

The best positive surprise for me was though the guys that sold the German currywurst with a small bread - the one I call a hotdog for MEN!

The soft spot was the Lahti Men's Choir singing a traditional christmas song "Sylvian Joululaulu", in few Finnish votes selected as the most beautiful christmas song ever.

Hyvää Joulun odotusta - Still some nights to go!

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